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The Law Firms Working Group

2010 Law & Society Annual Meeting, May 27-30, Chicago, Illinois

Proposed list of papers for LSA Annual Meeting

Non-Paper Panels

Session Code 105372, Roundtable Discussion, "A Dream Deferred? Exploring the Impact of Placements on Pro Bono Partnerships"

Participants include: Scott Cummings, UCLA Law School; Thomas Morsch, Northwestern Law School; Steve Scudder, ABA; Deborah Rhode, Stanford Law; Stephen Daniels, ABF; Mary Meg McCarthy, National Immigrant Justice Center; Michael Bergman, PILI; and Joanne Martin, American Bar Endowment

Papers Panels

Session Code 105361, Panel 1: Networks of Power [Heinz Tribute Panel], Chair/Discussant Anne Southworth

Session Code 105363, Panel 2: Lawyers and Social Structure (Stratification) [Heinz Tribute Panel], Chair/Discussant Rebecca Sandefur/Ethan Michelson

Session Code 105365, Panel 3: Professional Autonomy of Lawyers, Chair/Discussant: [Heinz Tribute Panel]

Session Code 105366, Panel 4: Organization and Markets in Legal Service, Chair/Discussant William Henderson [Heinz Tribute Panel]

Session Code 105367, Panel 5: The Rise of "Brand Name" Law Schools and Law Firms, Chair/Discussant Jeffrey Lipshaw (Suffolk Law)

Session Code 105368, Panel 6: Four Decades of Data on Careers of Michigan Law Graduates, Chair/Discussant TBA

Session Code 105371, Panel 7: Lawyers in Practice: Ethical Decisionmaking in Context I, Chair: Leslie Levin (Conn Law), Discussant: Tanina Rostain (NYLS Law)

Session Code 105369, Panel 8: Lawyers in Practice: Ethical Decisionmaking in Context II, Chair: Lynn Mather (SUNY Buffalo), Discussant: Rich Abel (UCLA Law)

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Michele DeStefano Beardslee
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University of Miami School of Law
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